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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Viva Palestina: Gaza Convoy 2009 - Facebook Update

Viva Palestina: Gaza Convoy 2009 - Facebook Update.

Day 1: The Journey Begins

A huge convoy of more than 100 vehicles snaked its way out of London on route to Gaza, where more than £1 million-worth of aid, including a boat, several ambulances and a fire engine, will be delivered.

Later that night, the show-stopping convoy rolled off a freight ferry in Ostend to embark on a historic mission of mercy to help the Palestinian people.


Day 2: Mayor of Bordeaux greets convoy

After spending a gruelling night in sub-zero temperatures, the convoy made its way to the french city of Bordeaux where it was met with a very warm reception by the mayor and the people.
The city has kindly provided a sports hall for our brave brits to camp in for the night..an appreciated break by all I'm sure, especially those suffering from arachnophobia :


Day 3: Post From George Galloway Daily Record

"My mile-long convoy of aid to Gaza has snaked across the Pyrenees into the Basque country and the splendours of St.Sebastian.

Tonight we hit Madrid, where no less than the Prime Minister of Spain awaits our arrival at the steps of the Cortes (Editor: And the Prime Minister of the UK??).

The police will have cleared the roads for a triumphal entry of now nearly 150 vehicles, over 300 Brits, more than one mile long."

Gaza Convoy 2009 Facebook Group
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